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Inclusive decision making drives the Winning Solutions offerings of management consulting, training and development, team building, meeting facilitation, and collaboration that puts your organization in the "driver's seat". Gain in the capacity to constructively and effectively respond to those unexpected rough terrains.

As an organizational effectiveness specialist, Diana Vandel harnesses the forces of communication, collaboration and creativity to re-calibrate workplace relationships for greater harmony, performance, vitality and community! WINNING SOLUTIONS is a vehicle for expanding into a greater expression of the very best that is within you and your organization.


•• Change Management •• Communication •• Collaboration •• Conflict Resolution •• Consensus •• Decision Making •• Effective Listening •• Facilitation •• Interpersonal Communication Skills •• Leadership •• Making Meetings Effective •• Management Consulting •• Problem Solving •• Team Building •• Telephone Etiquette •• Training ••True Colors •• Stress Management ••

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I heartily recommend Winning Solutions to any manager wanting to improve communication, increase efficiency, resolve conflict or instill a climate of trust within his or her organization. Thanks for a terrific experience!
--Gary Grief, Texas Lottery Commission

I recently completed a university credit semester on 'Small Group and Interpersonal Relationships'. Diana provided more in four hours than the entire college course offered!
--Jerry Martin, Strategic Partnerships

The interaction exercise on giving and receiving feedback was a revelation.
--JoAnne Harper, Pfizer Labs, U.S. Pharmaceuticals



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