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Diana Vandel
has created the Colors of Hue-man Traits. It can stand alone or be woven into programs such as: team building, leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, conflict management, collaboration, etc.

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"In the real’s the relationships - the formal and informal networks of people - that really govern how the organization runs and how value is created."

Michael Schrage •Wall Street Journal•March 1990

The Corporate Communications Guide: An Effective Performance Tool for the Workplace, by Fred Leafgren, Ph.D. and Joseph R. Sullivan, M.S., Consultant: James Quakenbush, M. S., published by RAI Communications, Inc.

Hue-man Traits uses color as a metaphor for understanding human characteristics and how intrinsic behavior must be rewarded differently to create success and attain self-esteem. To represent each distinct perspective and personality type, Hue-man Traits uses one of four colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Gold.

Where you naturally put your attention will be your lead color. Is your attention on the future looking at all the possibilities, on the past by talking about history’s great lessons and traditions, action oriented to get things moving, or nurturing relationships?

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Carl Jung had come to believe that all people are different in fundamental ways although they all have the same multitude of instincts driving them from within. What seemed to be most important, he said, were the psychological preferences for how we function. Throughout life people acquire unique communication habits, patterns, and skills. Within the infinite variety of communication among people, predictable styles emerge.

The Hue-man Traits program was designed to maximize the application of psychological style in the workplace. Both in relationships and in coping with our environment, we tend to use our most natural and preferred styles. It is important for us to recognize that we do possess some capacity to function in all four styles, and it is very important that we understand the degree to which we can function within them.

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